Ballycotton Lifeboat


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The Royal National Lifeboat Institution exists to save lives at sea and is entirely supported by voluntary contributions. Registered Charity No CHY2678

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On Saturday, 8 June 2013, a bronze badge was presented to Blathnaid Lane Walsh for her role as lifeboat press officer at Ballycotton lifeboat station.  The presentation was made at the RNLI annual awards ceremony at Trinity College, Dublin, by Admiral Lord Boyce, Chairman of the RNLI.


Blathnaid Lane Walsh being presented with a bronze badge by Admiral Lord Boyce

 On Friday, 7 December 2012, long service medals were presented to volunteers of Ballycotton lifeboat station. Eolan Walsh, 2nd Coxswain, was presented with a 20 years long service medal.  Redmond Lane Walsh, Coxswain, was presented with a 30 years long service medal.  Colm Sliney DLA was presented with a 30 years long service medal.  Between them they have given 95 years of voluntary service to Ballycotton lifeboat.

RNLI Chief Executive, Paul Bossier, visited Ballycotton lifeboat station on 3 October 2012.  Mr. Bossier arrived to the sunny village accompanied by Mr. Eoin Medland, Training Divisional Inspector for Ireland, and Ms. Emma Gibson, RNLI Area Fundraising Manager.  Ballycotton lifeboat station was the final station visited in a three day tour of RNLI lifeboat stations along the east and south coasts.

Mr. John Tattan, Lifeboat Operations Manager officially welcomed Mr. Bossier to Ballycotton lifeboat station.  There to meet him were volunteer crew members, members of the lifeboat operations management team and fundraising committee members. 

Mr. Bossier thanked those present for taking the time out of their busy day to meet him.  He mentioned that without the hard work of the volunteers there would be no lifeboat service.

A tour of the lifeboat station and souvenir shop was given by Mr. Tattan and Mr. Redmond Lane Walsh, Coxswain.  Light refreshments were enjoyed by all and Mr. Bossier chatted with as many volunteers as possible. Before leaving he was presented with a book on the history of Ballycotton lifeboat station, Ballycotton Lifeboats, 150 Years of Gallantry

Mr. Bossier signed the Visitors book before departing the station and once again thanked all those present for attending.


Ian Sheridan hung up his life jacket as Coxswain for the last time in Ballycotton on Saturday 14 April 2012. He was returning to his home town of Howth as station mechanic. 

A party was organised for him on 5 April 2012.  A painting was presented to Ian from the station by John Tattan, LOM. Ian thanked all those present and wish his successor well.  On Wednesday, 11 April, Ian held his last crew exercise in conjunction with Youghal lifeboat and the Coastguard helicopter, Rescue 117.  On their return to station a picture, signed by all the crew, was presented to Ian by the 2nd Coxswain, Redmond Lane Walsh, on behalf of all the crew.  Members of Ian's family were present to share his last few days in Ballycotton.  

On Saturday, 14 April, Ian took the Ballycotton lifeboat, Austin Lidbury, for the last time as Coxswain, to take part in the Search & Rescue Display in Cobh, as part of the Titanic 100 celebrations.  On his return to station he bade a final farewell to his crew members. 

It is with great fondness and regret that his fellow crew members and all those involved in the lifeboat station at Ballycotton wish him well. 

Christmas Day 2009 dawned icy, clearing to icy showers.   This didn't stop our hardy fundraising swimmers, led by Ralph Gunn, who go for an annual dip at Garryvoe Beach in aid of Ballycotton lifeboat.  The lifeboat boarding boat, crewed by Niall Hassett, Aiden Sliney and William Sliney, stood by offshore to watch over the swimmers. 


On 14 May 2009 Nuala Cashman was presented with a gold badge by the Duke of Kent at the annual awards ceremony in The Barbican, London.  The award was in recognition of her fundraising efforts over many years in aid of Ballycotton lifeboat.  The gold badge was presented to her again at the annual Irish awards ceremony in The Royal Hospital, Kilmainham, Dublin, which took place on 23 May 2009.  On this occasion the presentation was made by Pat Kenny, RTE presenter.  This was to give her fellow committee members an opportunity to share in her award.

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On 11 February 2009 a Civic Reception was afforded the crew and fundraisers of Ballycotton RNLI lifeboat by the Lord Mayor of Cork City, Cllr. Brian Bermingham.  A cut vase was presented to Colm Sliney, DLA, who accepted it on behalf of the lifeboat station. 

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2008 was a big year in the history of Ballycotton Lifeboat Station.  In 1858 the first RNLI lifeboat was stationed in the old boathouse in the village.  During the last week of September 2008 celebrations were held to commemorate this long history.  The Lord Mayor of Cork City visited the lifeboat station and a vellum was presented to the station by the RNLI.


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RNLI Chairman, Admiral Sir Jock Slater, and his wife Lady Annie Slater, visited Ballycotton RNLI lifeboat station on Monday, 7 July.  They were accompanied by members of the RNLI Irish division, RNLI Deputy Chairman, Terence Johnson, Martin Smith, Divisional Inspector for Ireland, Owen Medland, Training Divisional Inspector, Anna Classon, Fundraising and Communications Manager, and Anne Sweeney Southern Area Fundraising Manager.

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Colin Williams paid a last visit to Ballycotton RNLI lifeboat station on 14 May 2008 as Divisional Inspector.  Photographs were taken on the night as members of the operations committee, crew and fundraising committee said a fond farewell.

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John Murray, Station Honorary Treasurer, received a gold badge on 19 May 2005 in The Barbican, London.  Below is a picture taken when he attended the Irish Awards Ceremony in The Royal Hospital, Kilmainham, Dublin, on 28 May 2005. 

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Trent 14-25 "Austin Lidbury"


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Service of 15 April 2003 - see shouts page for more details


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Trent Class capsize trials

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