Ballycotton Lifeboat

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The Royal National Lifeboat Institution exists to save lives at sea and is entirely supported by voluntary contributions. Registered Charity No CHY2678



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All service reports are listed with the most recent at the top of the page


12/11   14/12/11  Crew: Ian Sheridan (Cox), Peter O'Shea, Maire Scanlon, Redmond Lane Walsh, Diarmuid Walsh, Eolan Walsh, Padraig Finn

Crew pagers were activated at 17:20 for surfer in difficulties at Ballybrannigan beach in East Cork.  Crew assembled and were preparing to board the Ballycotton relief lifeboat Cornie Whitley when word was received that the surfer was safe and well.  Lifeboat was stood down.

11/11 - 30/11/11 - Remoored: 0030 (01/12/11)  Weather: F 9  Vis. Poor   Sea: Rough   Crew: Redmond Lane Walsh (Cox), Peter O'Shea, Mike Hallahan, Maire Scanlon, Mossie Murray, Padraig Finn

The Coastguard service were alerted to the fact that an Irish registered fishing vessel, over 20 miles south east of Ballycotton, was taking in water and was in need of assistance.  The Ballycotton RNLI lifeboat pagers were activated and the Austin Lidbury slipped her moorings at 2040 hours.  Coastguard helicopter, Rescue 117, was also requested to launch.  The RNLI lifeboat arrived on scene at 2140 followed a few minutes later by the Coastguard helicopter.  Conditions in the area were poor, with winds blowing up to Force 8, rough seas and squally showers.  The water level on the fishing vessel was being kept under control by the four fishermen using buckets.  The fishing boat steered a course for Ballycotton and the RNLI lifeboat and Coastguard helicopter stood by.  Having satisfied themselves that the situation was under control Rescue 117 stood down and returned to base.  The journey was completed with the Ballycotton RNLI lifeboat escorting the 65 foot fishing vessel to Ballycotton harbour.  When the casualty was safely secured alongside the pier a lifeboat salvage pump was placed aboard to help remove the excess water. The crew thanked the emergency services for their speedy response.


10/11  26/08/11  Remoored:   Weather: NW F 4 / 5  Vis. Good   Sea:   Crew: Redmond Lane Walsh (Cox), Peter O'Shea, Maire Scanlon, Diarmuid Walsh, Mike Hallahan, Diarmuid Hallahan

A pan pan was picked up on the radio from a lone sailor experiencing engine difficulties off Ballycotton lighthouse.  Ballycotton RNLI lifeboat was requested to launch to lend assistance.  The RNLI lifeboat, Austin Lidbury, located the 30 foot foreign registered yacht 4 miles east south east of Ballycotton lighthouse.  Contact was made with the yachtsman and a tow line was established.  The yacht was towed to Ballycotton harbour and safely secured alongside the pier wall.


09/11  17/07/11   Rehoused: 16:35   Weather: NW F. 6   Vis. Good   Sea: Slight   Crew: Maire Scanlon, Eolan Walsh

A kayaker was seen entering the sound between Ballycotton lighthouse and the small island just off the shore.  As he did not appear to exit the sound unsuccessful efforts were made from land to check his whereabouts.  It was decided to launch the lifeboat boarding boat to check the area around both islands.  Nothing was found but on their way back the lone kayaker was spotted coming through the small sound.  The lifeboat boarding boat escorted him into the harbour.


8/11  04/06/11  Remoored:   Weather:   Vis.    Crew: Ian Sheridan (Cox), Redmond Lane Walsh, Peter O'Shea, Aiden Sliney,

Reports were received of a missing child at Garryvoe Beach on the other side of Ballycotton Bay.  The Ballycotton lifeboat boarding boat and the all weather RNLI lifeboat, Austin Lidbury, were both launched.  On arrival off shore at Garryvoe the lifeboat crew were informed that the child was found safe and had not in fact entered the water, as had been feared.  Both the boarding boat and the all weather lifeboat returned to station.

07/11  25/05/11  Rehoused:      Weather:   Vis.   Crew:

A concerned member of the public contacted the emergency services to advise their concerns for a lobster fishing boat they had been observing and had lost sight of.  Sea conditions were poor at the time and the Ballycotton RNLI lifeboat crew pagers were activated and the crew assembled at the station.  Just as they were slipping their moorings they were advised the fishing boat was safely going up the river in Cork Harbour and the lifeboat was stood down.


06/11  15/02/11  Remoored: 16:00  Weather: W F. 4 / 5  Vis. Good  Sea: Rough  Crew: Ian Sheridan (Cox), Peter O'Shea, Maire Scanlon, Mike Hallahan, Redmond Lane Walsh, Kevin Casey, William Sliney

Efforts were made to contact the fishing vessels Jueast and Atlantic Jem by radio but to no avail.  Both vessels had headed for fishing grounds south east of Ballycotton earlier in the day.  Mine Head Coastguard were unsuccessful in contacting the fishing vessels and requested Ballycotton RNLI lifeboat to launch.  The Ballycotton RNLI lifeboat launched, heading for the last known position of the fishing vessels. Contact was eventually made by the Coastguard with the fishing vessel, Atlantic Jem, who in turn checked with the Jueast and confirmed all was in order.  The RNLB Austin Lidbury was stood down and returned to station.


05/11  25/01/11  Crew: Ian Sheridan (Cox), Michael Lane Walsh, Peter O'Shea, Redmond Lane Walsh, Maire Scanlon, Eolan Walsh, Padraig Finn

A joint exercise was organised with Youghal RNLI lifeboat on the evening that Michael Lane Walsh retired as station mechanic.  The exercise was not long started when a report was received of a possible sighting of a white flare off Ballycotton.  The training exercise was interrupted and both RNLI lifeboats responded.  The LE Emer was also in the area and spoke to a fishing vessel.  They were using bright lights at the time and the navy were satisfied these lights were the cause of the reported sighting and there was no problem.  The two RNLI lifeboats were stood down.


04/11  21/01/11  Remoored: 18:00 Crew: Ian Sheridan (Cox), Michael Lane Walsh, Peter O'Shea, Redmond Lane Walsh, Eolan Walsh, William Sliney, Kevin Casey

The Ballycotton RNLI lifeboat launched at 09:30 to resume the search for the missing fisherman in Cork Harbour.  Following an extensive search of the area the search was called off for the day and the RNLI lifeboat, Austin Lidbury returned to station.


03/11  20/01/11  Remoored:  01:30 (21/01/11)  Crew: Ian Sheridan (Cox), Michael Lane Walsh, Peter O'Shea, Redmond Lane Walsh, Maire Scanlon, Eolan Walsh, William Sliney

Ballycotton RNLI lifeboat, Austin Lidbury, resumed its search for the missing fisherman off Ringabella Bay in Cork Harbour.  A search of the area was carried out at low tide but called off for the night at 12:30.


02/11  20/01/11  Launched: 17:15  Crew: Ian Sheridan (Cox), Michael Lane Walsh, Peter O'Shea, Redmond Lane Walsh, Maire Scanlon, Paddy Quinlan (Crosshaven lifeboat crewmember), Vince Fleming (Crosshaven lifeboat crewmember)

Having taken a break from the search for the missing fisherman off Ringabella Bay to have something to eat the RNLI lifeboat pagers were activated again at 19:15.  A local 30 foot fishing vessel, with two persons aboard, that had taken part in the search earlier in the day reported that they were taking water off Roches Point and were in fear of sinking.  The Ballycotton and Crosshaven RNLI lifeboats launched to their assistance.  A lifeboat salvage pump was taken on board by two RNLI lifeboat crewmembers.  The fishing vessel was stabilised and taken under tow to Cobh, arriving at 20:30. 


01/11  20/01/10   Remoored:   Crew: Ian Sheridan (Cox), Michael Lane Walsh, Peter O'Shea, Redmond Lane Walsh, Maire Scanlon

Ballycotton RNLI lifeboat, Austin Lidbury, launched at 11:05 to reports of a missing fisherman off Ringabella Bay on the west side of Cork Harbour.   A fishing vessel with two fishermen on board overturned and sank.  One of the fishermen succeeded in swimming ashore to raise the alarm and a major search commenced for the missing fisherman.  Taking part in the search were two RNLI lifeboats from Ballycotton and Crosshaven, Coastguard helicopter Rescue 117, local Coastguard unit, the naval vessel, LE Emer and several local fishing vessels.  The search was called off when the light faded and Ballycotton RNLI lifeboat crew members went to Crosshaven RNLI lifeboat station for some food before resuming the search later that night.