Ballycotton Lifeboat

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The Royal National Lifeboat Institution exists to save lives at sea and is entirely supported by voluntary contributions. Registered Charity No CHY2678

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All service reports are listed with the most recent at the top of the page


14/12   28/11/12   Remoored: 22:40   Weather: NW F.3   Visibility: Good   Sea: Calm   Crew: Eolan Walsh (Cox), Peter O'Shea, Diarmuid Walsh, Barry McDonald, Mossie Murray, Stephen Sloane, Rupert Hugh-Jones, Conor Philpott

While out on exercise in Ballycotton Bay, Cork Coastguard requested Ballycotton lifeboat, Austin Lidbury, to lend assistance to a fishing vessel, Peggy M, sinking 1 mile off Guileen, near Cork Harbour.  Crosshaven lifeboat was also launched.  On passage to the scene a flare was sighted in the area.  Cork Coastguard advised that the vessel had sunk and the lone fisherman had taken to a life raft.  The casualty was recovered by Crosshaven lifeboat and a fishing vessel in the area, Muir Einne, recovered the life raft.  Ballycotton lifeboat was requested to check the area to determine whether the debris would cause a risk to navigation.  When their report was made Ballycotton lifeboat was stood down and left the area. 


3/12   21/11/12  Weather: SSW F. 5   Visibility: Good   Sea: Rough   Crew: Redmond Lane Walsh, Peter O'Shea, Conor Philpott, Rupert Hugh Jones, Stephen Sloane, Eolan Walsh, Diarmuid Walsh

A fisherman contacted Mine Head Coast Guard to alert them that he was experiencing engine difficulties and may be in need of assistance. The Ballycotton lifeboat crew were put on standby at 09:55.  The crew assembled at the station and awaited an update.  After approx. half an hour the fisherman contacted the Coast Guard again to advise that he had resolved his difficulties and the Ballycotton lifeboat was stood down.


12/12   20/11/12   Remoored: 00:30   Weather: Variable F. 3 / 4   Visibility: Good   Sea: Moderate   Crew: Redmond Lane Walsh (Cox), Peter O'Shea, Maire Scanlon, Eolan Breathnach, Stephen Sloane, Diarmuid Walsh, Eolan Walsh, Conor Philpott

A report was received by the Coast Guard that there was a body in the water off Power Head near Cork Harbour.  Ballycotton lifeboat pagers were activated at 22:00 and the Austin Lidbury was launched.   En route information was received that the body was on the high water mark and not in the water.   When the lifeboat arrived on scene they used search lights on board to light up the area. The body was recovered by the Coast Guard team and the lifeboat returned to station.


11/12   20/10/12   Remoored: 15:30   Weather: SSW F. 3 / 4   Visibility: Good   Sea: Slight swell   Crew: Redmond Lane Walsh (Cox), Peter O'Shea, Maire Scanlon, Eolan Breathnach, Stephen Sloane, Padraig Finn, Mossie Murray

A pan pan message was sent out and the Ballycotton lifeboat crew pagers were activated.  The alert was for a sailing dingy that had capsized 1 mile north east of Ballycotton lighthouse with one person on board.  The lifeboat crew assembled at the lifeboat station and the Austin Lidbury was launched.  The lone sailor was located within minutes standing on the hull of the upturned dingy.  He was wearing a dry suit which helped to keep him warm while he waited for help to arrive. He was taken on board the Ballycotton lifeboat.  Attempts were made to right the dingy but these were unsuccessful.  It was decided to take the dingy under tow into more a sheltered position in Ballycotton bay. The lifeboat boarding boat joined the all weather lifeboat and a further attempt was made to right the sailing dingy, which were successful.  The dingy was bailed out and towed into Ballycotton harbour where it was placed on moorings.


10/12   15/09/12   Remoored: 17:55   Weather: W. F. 4   Visibility: Good   Sea: moderate   Crew: Tommy Kilbane (Cox), Diarmuid Walsh, Stephen Sloane, Rupert Hugh Jones, John Scanlon

A lone fisherman contacted the emergency services seeking assistance when his propeller became fouled 3 miles south of Ballycotton lighthouse.  The Ballycotton lifeboat, Austin Lidbury, launched at 16:20 and proceeded to the casualty.  When the lifeboat arrived on scene it was found the 20 foot fishing vessel was still attached to the net and it was necessary to cut it free.  A towline was established and the vessel was taken under tow to Ballycotton harbour where it was safely secured alongside the pier wall.


09/12   08/09/12   Rehoused: 18:55   Weather: SW F3   Visibility: Good   Sea: Calm   Crew: Peter O'Shea, Stephen Sloane

A member of the public contacted the emergency services with his concerns for a person located on the Black Rock in Ballycotton Bay.  He suspected the person had been caught by the incoming tide and was unable to return to shore.  Ballycotton lifeboat boarding boat was launched and proceeded to the area to check out the situation.  Having satisfied themselves that no assistance was required they returned to station.


08/12   03/09/12   Rehoused: 16:35   Weather: SW F3   Visibility: Good   Sea: Calm   Crew: Diarmuid Walsh, Stephen Sloane

The owner of a 12 foot boat contacted the station mechanic at Ballycotton lifeboat when he was unable to restart his engine to request assistance.  His craft was located 1/2 mile north of Ballycotton lighthouse.  The lifeboat boarding boat was launched and proceed to the casualty.  A towline was established and the craft was towed to Ballycotton harbour.


07/12   31/08/12   Remoored:  23:15  Weather: NW F. 3   Visibility: Good   Sea: Calm   Crew: Niall Hassett (Cox), Peter O'Shea, Mossie Murray, Stephen Sloane, Conor Philpott, Niall O'Keeffe, Eolan Breathnach

A lone sailor in a 20 foot yacht experienced difficulties in returning to harbour under his own steam and sought assistance.  The yacht, Polar Sun, was located within a mile of Ballycotton lighthouse and Ballycotton lifeboat was requested to launch.  The yacht had no illumination but it was located after a short time.  The vessel was taken under tow to Ballycotton harbour.


06/12   23/08/12    Remoored:  14:45   Weather:  SSW F. 3 / 4   Visibility:  Good   Sea: Slight   Crew: Redmond Lane Walsh (Cox), Peter O'Shea, Barry McDonald, Eolan Walsh, Maire Scanlon, Stephen Sloane, Eolan Breathnach

A pan pan was raised by a 32 foot fishing vessel 6 miles south of Roches Point, off Cork Harbour.  The Irish registered vessel, Susan Marie, with two persons on board was taking in water and was in need of assistance.  The crew pagers at Ballycotton were activated and the all weather lifeboat, Austin Lidbury, launched to assist. The Cork Harbour pilot vessel, The Failte, stood by the vessel until the lifeboat arrived on scene.  The Austin Lidbury arrived at the casualty 10:55 and placed two lifeboat crew members and a salvage pump on board.  The water intake in the engine room was brought under control and the vessel was taken under tow to Crosshaven, arriving there at 12:30, where it was safely secured . 


05/12   05/08/12   Tied up: 1300    Weather:  NW  F 4  Visibility:  Good   Sea: Slight   Crew: Redmond Lane Walsh (Cox), Peter O'Shea, Kevin Casey, Niall O'Keeffe, Stephen Sloane

During the annual Family Fun Day to raise funds for Ballycotton lifeboat a call came into the station from a rib broken down near Ballycotton lighthouse.  The lifeboat crew abandoned their posts and launched to assist the pleasure craft with four persons on board.  They took the vessel in tow and brought it safely back to Ballycotton harbour under the watchful eye of supporters gathered for the activities on the pier.


04/12   01/07/12   Remoored: 1830    Weather: SW F 5 / 6    Visibility: Poor   Sea: Moderate   Crew: Redmond Lane Walsh (Cox), Peter O'Shea, Eolan Breathnach, Mossie Murray, Kevin Casey, Mike Hallahan

Ballycotton RNLI lifeboat, Austin Lidbury, was requested to launch to a pleasure craft seeking assistance 1 mile south east of Capel Island, off the East Cork coast. At 1520 the lifeboat slipped its moorings and proceeded to the casualty. Weather conditions in the area were poor with winds blowing force 5 / 6 and visibility poor. Arriving at 1600 a towline was established to the 25 foot Flying Fish and the pleasure craft with 5 persons aboard was taken under tow to Ballycotton.  The RNLI lifeboat returned to Ballycotton harbour at 1800 and secured the casualty alongside the pier wall.


03/12   03/06/12   Remoored: 19:50   Weather: NW F. 5    Visibility: Good   Sea: Moderate   Crew: Redmond Lane Walsh (Cox), Peter O'Shea, Padraig Finn, Aidan Sliney, Maire Scanlon, Orla Lynch, Diarmuid Walsh

The alarm was raised by a 40 foot fishing vessel, Atlantic Jim, that they were taking water 23 miles south east of Ballycotton.  The vessel, with four persons on board, requested use of a pump to remove water from the vessel.  Ballycotton RNLI lifeboat and the Coastguard helicopter, Rescue 117, were requested to launch.  The helicopter lowered a salvage pump aboard the vessel and the RNLI lifeboat, Austin Lidbury, established a tow line.  The vessel was taken under a slow tow to Ballycotton arriving there safely 5 hours later.  


02/12  15/04/12  Rehoused: 19:40   Weather: SW Force 3   Visibility: Good   Sea: Calm     Crew: Eolan Walsh, Kevin Casey

Ballycotton lifeboat crew members arrived at station following the activation of the pagers by Valentia Coastguard.  It was decided to launch the station boarding boat as well as the all weather lifeboat.  The boarding boat proceeded to the scene but were stood down when notification was received that the casualties were safe and well.  The boarding boat returned to station.


01/12  15/04/12  Remoored: 19:20  Weather: SW Force 3   Visibility: Good   Sea: Calm   Crew: Redmond Lane Walsh (Cox), Maire Scanlon, Mike Hallahan, Diarmuid Hallahan, Barry McDonnell

A member of the public contacted the Lifeboat Operations Manager, John Tattan, that he had seen 5 persons trapped on the cliffs west of Ballycotton.  Valentia Coastguard were immediately notified and the lifeboat crew pagers were activated.  The Ballycotton coastguard unit were also alerted by Valentia Coastguard and they proceeded to the cliffs.  The Austin Lidbury slipped her moorings and proceeded towards the scene.  En route the Ballycotton coastguard unit informed the lifeboat that they had recovered the casualties and that they were all safe and well.  The Austin Lidbury turned around and returned to station.